Najlon Market – A Traditional Institution of Trade and Social Trends


  • Nedeljko Prdić JKP Tržnica, Novi Sad, Serbia



Najlon market, goods, trade, sellers, consumers, social movements


Traditional trade institutions organised as fairgrounds represent certain market and social trends in the trade of second-hand goods and other products that are characteristic of such places. One of such institutions is the Novi Sad Fairground, better known as the Najlon Market. The paper includes a quantitative and qualitative methodological approach to understand the nature and importance of such markets in the world, with special reference to the Najlon market. The entire trade process is based on the interests of customers and consumers in the form of personal satisfaction. The model of development of this market is based on investment in operational decisions of sellers how to fulfill the interest of consumers and strategically in terms of eliminating deficiencies in terms of infrastructure and management.


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