Aim and Scope


The aim of Kultura polisa is to spread scientific knowledge through original results of scientific research that represent a contribution to the development of science. We are open to manuscripts that: (a) look at social phenomena from different perspectives; (b) use scientific methodology, including quantitative and qualitative experiential analyses, as well as innovative theoretical considerations; (c) deserve scientific publishing due to their relevance, and thus contribute to the visibility of the intellectual capacity of a multidisciplinary scientific community.


The journal Kultura polisa is intended for researchers, teachers, students and academic readers involved in the educational process at various levels, as well as the scientific community in general. All papers published in the journal undergo a rigorous review, which consists of a preliminary editorial insight and, subsequently, a double-blind peer review procedure by two reviewers. Papers approved for publication in the journal are classified into basic categories of scientific and professional articles by the editorial board, with the cooperation of reviewers.

Scientific articles:

1) Research Article (Original Scientific Work) - a paper in which previously unpublished results of one’s own research by using a scientific method are presented;

2) Review Article - a paper that contains an original, detailed and critical review of a research problem or area in which the author has made a certain contribution;

3) Short Report - original scientific work of full format, but smaller in volume or preliminary in nature; communication of short reports on data from original research, which could initiate further research;

4) Critical Review - a discussion on a particular scientific topic based solely on scientific argumentation and the use of the scientific methodology.

5) Monographic Study - may exceptionally be published in a special thematic issue, in which case it must contain at least 40 pages per author (1 page = 1,800 characters) and at least four auto-citations per author, categories M10 or M20 or M40 or M50).


Professional articles:


1) Expert Review - an article that offers experiences useful for improving professional practice, but which are not necessarily based on a scientific method;

2) Informative Article - editorial, commentary, etc .;

3) Book Review;

4) Case Study - processing specific cases of interesting phenomena in order to acquaint other researchers with the possibilities of a particular phenomenon occurring;

5) Expert Criticism.

The journal Kultura polisa is oriented toward scientific research and professional papers with topics that belong to the field of humanities and social sciences, such as (in a broader sense):

  • Law
  • Human Rights
  • Security
  • Security Culture
  • Economy
  • Sociology
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Political science
  • International Relations
  • Globalization
  • Migration
  • Social Conflicts
  • Terrorism
  • War
  • Culture of Peace
  • Religion
  • Psychology
  • Culture
  • Linguistics
  • Andragogy
  • Pedagogy
  • Anthropology
  • Education
  • Methodology
  • Criminology
  • Criminalistics
  • Forensics
  • Organized Crime
  • Ecology

Regular issues are published three times a year, and the journal is occasionally published in the form of special editions, which are thematically determined to correspond with current social events.