• Ljubiša Despotović Институт за политичке студије Београд
  • Aleksandar Gajić Институт за европске студије Београд


state, Westphalian order, globalization, sovereignty, non-state actors, multinational corporations


Polemics on the history and theory of the state have lately been focused onto the study of the demise of Westphalian, stato-centric order of Modernity that has started to take its place in the late 20-th Century. National state, its institutions and their functioning are today endangered by the consequences of processes of globalization that are realized through the intrusion of neoliberal policy standards. States are denied of their sovereignty, public policies and economic sustainability, while their basic security, identity and social policies are also threatened. This Paper analyses global power and international and domestic actors that are supporting this malignant policy, so as the possibilities of necessary countermeasures to carry out the successful revitalization of national state`s capacities.


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