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media, internet, communication, technology, terrorism, cyberterrorism


The media today are very powerful factor of political and social power but also a factor that largely shape the world democracy and public opinion. Creating political will, attitudes, needs and habits, the media increasingly shape the behavior of individuals, groups and masses of truth and reality and realize they see as their media to serve. Consequently that, today more and more discussion about the relationship between media and terrorism, publicity and propaganda. Speaking of mass media, one can not look at the internet, its importance and role in the life of every individual today, which is growing by the day. Development of technology for the terrorists opens up new opportunities to realize their goals. In modern conditions of globalization internet as a form of new communication technologies, it becomes a powerful weapon in the hands of terrorist organizations. Internet and modern technology brings many benefits to modern man but unfortunately terrorists. It is necessary to emphasize the great role of the Internet as a medium to promote terrorism and the Internet as a powerful weapon in the hands of terrorists through which conducted the recruitment of new staff and raise funds for new activities. Network communication via computer is ideal for terrorists because of the internet, which has no centralized control, can not be fully controlled. Traditional cyber terrorism replaced slowly (cyber) t terrorism that involves a variety of misuse of computer systems related to: data theft and the „overthrow” of web pages, planning terrorist attacks, inciting violence and fear among civilians or an attack on the organizational systems. For cyberterrorist , computer network is a weapon, medium or goal. In order to effectively combat terrorism, now efforts are made to control the internet bar to some extent make it possible. thing which we must be aware that cyber-attacks are becoming a real danger to society that the same does not adequate response.


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