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Jewish, persecution, community, laws, restrictions, sufferings


The period of the Second World War and the Holocaust is the subject of analysis and different views of many researchers in this field. The dominant number of research concerns the cause and effect of the Second World War on the world and especially the Jewish community most burnt during this war. On the other hand, a small number of authors dealt with legal sources of the suffering and persecution of the Jewish community. The authors point out anti-Semitic legislation adopted immediately after Hitler came to power and during the Second World War. It points to over 400 legal restrictions imposed on the Jewish community in Nazi Germany and the countries that gravitated towards the Axis of the Axis. The authors interpret some provisions and show what they had implications for the Jewish community. In their concluding observations, they concluded that anti-Semitic legislation was an introduction to persecutions and gave legitimacy, and hence the justification and legitimacy of the initiated destruction processes of the Jewish community.


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