• Nemanja D. Radovanović Средња школа „Краљица Јелена“ Рашка


risk society, globalization, COVID 19 pandemic, crisis, management


Crisis situations have been an everyday occurrence in the modern world for a long time. The risks are exaggerated to such an extent that crises have long since acquired their students and specialists: crisis managers. The creation of a "global society of risk" through social changes that take place under the auspices of globalization brings into everyday life a huge range of ideas that radically change life and culture in general. Globalization trends have significantly contributed to the faster spread of the corona virus, if it used to take years for the planetary expansion of the disease, in the case of this virus, a month was enough. On the other hand, the reaction of individuals and countries facing imminent danger has led to a slowdown in globalization. The connection that in the recent past enabled easy and fast functioning, efficient production and sale of goods and services, has led to a paralyzing state of many who as workers or consumers are the most important part of small domestic companies but also those that operate on a global level. Is it slow enough to stop? Can the current situation bring a man tools that would help him to stronger and systematically oppose the risks of the modern age? Will we emerge from this crisis as individuals and a society more willing to deal with risks and their explosion? And can the current pattern of living resulting from major lifestyle changes be more permanently established?


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