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media, migrants, asylum seekers, refugees, ethics, religions clashes


Ever since the great flow of people from Asia and Africa moved towards Europe in its media there still has not come to an agreement whether this unfortunate people should be called asylum seekers, migrants or refugees. The term differences are significant, because behind is the attitude that individuals, editors, journalists and readers, in fact spectators have towards them. In the gist of everything is the politics, and also the ethics of each of us individually.

This article deals with relations of media, first of all press, to people from so called Balkan rout. Among other things, the author concludes that this attitude, despite positive tones, in most of media, is often superficial and sensationalistic. The texts are burdened by ignorance, stereotypes, prejudices and sometimes xenophobia. Hence there is the recommendation that the fear of radicalism from people on the Balkan route, of possible European area islamization, of civilization clashes has to be replaced by analytic texts based on ethic norms and standards of journalist profession.


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