• Tanja Milošević Војна академија Београд
  • Radoica Točilovac Министарство одбране Београд


child soldiers, Syria, Iraq, the Islamic State, regrutation, terrorism, human rights, rights of children, humanitarian law


The main purpose of this paper is the analysis of this phenomenon that has been occurring in the history of humanity since the earliest of all wars – the phenomenon of child soldiers. The authors decided to set the main frame of this paper within the terrorist creation that represents the most famous and most deadly terrorist organization of the 21st century – the „Islamic State”. The introductory part of this paper serves the goal of presenting and clarifying the meaning of the term „child soldiers”, and then, through examples of regrutation methods and use of children within the „Islamic State”, the authors will present different types of regrutation of children, as well as the motives of the children that voluntarily enlist to serve this terrorist organization. With the use of methods of analysis of documentaries depicting the lives of children within the „Islamic State”, as well as through confessions of humanitarian workers, scientists, journalists, and the child soldiers themselves, authors will create a classification of child soldiers regarding their role in the organization, followed by a classification regarding the manner of enlisting to serve in the world of terrorism.


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