Culture of Polis, Year XVIII (2021), Issue 46, pp. 157-168
ISSN 1820-4589

Faculty of European Legal and Political Studies, Novi Sad, Serbia

UDC: 381.107.8 :323(497.11)

Review work
Received: 2021-08-25
Approved: 2021-09-24
Online: 2021-10-18


Local self government, as a phenomenon, was established before the emergence of a modern state. Its role and significance has remained unsurpassed in nowadays world generally, and especially in modern states. The position that self-government has today is derived from the functions that this institution has in a modern state system. Namely, local self-government represents the basis of the state system in a narrower functional sense because it performs tasks that are important for the local community. However, it has a broader political and organizational significance, because, without that level of state organization, it would be almost impossible to reach numerous democratic achievements such as: citizen participation in public affairs, sharing power, decentralization (i.e. devolution of power), the exercise of certain rights and freedom, activities of civil society, etc.
The importance of local self-government in Serbia is reflected in its historical role, inherited from tradition, which has outgrown and taken on a certain state-building, institutional and national character. It should also be emphasized that Serbian historiography, as well as other social sciences, to which this topic is related, has not paid enough attention to local self-government as a phenomenon in the context of its significance for the modern Serbian state and society as a whole. Therefore, it would be extremely important to look at this topic in a multidisciplinary manner and to offer scientific answers and facts about the historical, legal, political, and sociological role of local self-government. This work will try to synthesize its historical, political, institutional and national significance, by analyzing the emergence of self-government, that is, its development, which makes it one of the pillars of the Serbian state.

Local self-government, state, Serbia, autonomy, power, institutions


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