Culture of Polis, Year XVIII (2021), Issue 45, pp. 277-289
ISSN 1820-4589

Faculty of security studies, Belgrade, Serbia
Faculty of security studies, Belgrade, Serbia

UDC: 351:497.11

Review work
Received: 2021-03-22
Approved: 2021-04-26
Online: 2021-07-03


The gradual suspension of the institutions of the Republic of Serbia in the area of Kosovo and Metohija is the result of the dialogue that the representatives of the Albanian national minority are having with the Serbian political leadership. The first agreement, signed in 2013, formally and legally calls into question the survival and functioning of a number of institutions that function in accordance with the legislation of the RS and are of vital importance for the security of the local population. As an important part of the institutional arrangement and organization of the protection and rescue system, civil protection units were formed within four municipalities in the north of Kosmet, as well as in other parts south of the river Ibar. The main task of the trained and trained general purpose units was to protect people, material and cultural goods and the environment from natural disasters and technical-technological accidents. However, a section of the international community, along with Albanian political leaders, views the unit as a “paramilitary organization” (despite their humanitarian character), demanding their immediate disbandment and involvement in Kosovo’s provisional institutions. The aim of this paper is a systematic description and analysis of the current security situation in the southern Serbian province as well as the role of civil protection units in maintaining a stable security situation. The paper uses the method of content analysis of a number of relevant documents describing the attempt to include members of civil protection units in the work of Kosovo’s provisional institutions.
institutions of the Republic of Serbia, security of the local population, Kosmet, civil protection units


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