Culture of Polis, Year XVIII (2021), Issue 45, pp. 119-126
ISSN 1820-4589

Metropolitan University, Belgrade, Serbia
Metropolitan University, Belgrade, Serbia

UDC: 111.852:141.319.8

Review work
Received: 2021-04-22
Approved: 2021-05-16
Online: 2021-07-03


The paper analyzes the idea and definition of transhumanism, as well as its currents and relationship with the idea of transcendence. It presents different types of art and works that have to do with transhumanist ideas or that precede them. Furthermore, it deals with the possibilities, brought before humanity based on the further development of transhumanism in terms of the advantages and dangers that lie ahead of it. It emphasizes the idea that art today, aside from its main principles, also has to point out the dark possibilities of the development of the human race and reveal the potential negative aspects of transhumanism before they become a reality. Art should inspire thought, so the authors who deal with topics related to transhumanism have the responsibility to present and analyze it while giving respect to the concept of artistic freedom and creativity, while the art consumers are to critically analyze transhumanist ideas and contents.
transhumanism, philosophy, art, technology, futurism


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