Prostitution From Ancient Rome to Modern Times With Special Emphasis On The Safety Culture of Young People


  • Nenad D. Stefanović Faculty of Law for Commerce and Judiciary Novi Sad
  • Ivana M. Spaić Faculty of Law for Commerce and Judiciary Novi Sad



prostitution, Roman law, security culture, position of young women, morality


Prostitution is a negative social phenomenon that is present in all stages of development of human civilization. As such, it appeared in various intensities and forms, causing serious psychological, moral and legal consequences. From the ancient period to the present day, prostitution has survived, but the view of it has varied in different historical periods. Prostitution is inextricably linked to young people and as a deviant behavior has justifiably provoked negative reactions from society. The aim of this paper is to present the attitude towards prostitution in different state and social systems, from ancient Greece and Rome to modern times, through different historical epochs. Having in mind the negative impact and deviance of prostitution, as well as its negative impact on young people, a special chapter deals with the role of youth safety culture in prostitution prevention, and especially the importance and stability of the family in educating and raising healthy young people with normal moral attitudes and principles.


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