• Bojan D. Janković Криминалистичко-полицијска академија Београд
  • Saša M. Milojević Криминалистичко-полицијска академија Београд


Racism, football, youth, Serbia


This paper presents qualitative and quantitative analysis of emergence of racism in football matches in Serbia. Answers of the youth population aged 14 to 19 surveyed about the question of racism in Serbian football were analyzed. The second part of the research related to the analysis of racist outbursts that happened at football fields in Serbia. Although in the first glance it could be thought that Serbia does not have major problems with racism in football, the paper proves that: (1) a large part of Serbian youth population perceives the problem of racism at football matches, but in actual case does not recognize racist outbursts, (2) that racism in football matches in Serbia is mostly present in the colloquial area of football culture, and (3) that racist acts are not exclusively related to hooligan fan groups, but are done by other persons that we call accidental racists.


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