• Hatidža Beriša Министарство одбране РС, КША Београд
  • Mile Rakić Институт за политичке студије Београд


Afghanistan, human security, security, concept, collapsed state, failed state


In this paper there is analyzed a concept of human security with objective of precise determination of its character and estimation of practical usability of this concept in case of collapsed and failed states. In the paper there are given various views on human security, first of all, a view on human security as an analytical concept and then a view on human security as a political agenda, too. In the paper authors tried to find a definition which could provide for the operationalization of it in practice. There is analyzed deficiency of realistic-neoliberal approach to the process of reconstruction and state-building in term of the neglect of human security. Scientific significance of this paper is in the attempt of the authors to analyze links and relations of criminalized economy, strategy of international community in suppression of criminal economic activities and economic security of individuals in collapsed and failed states through a different, more human-centered approach to security.


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