• Stanko M. Blagojević Факултет политичких наука Београд


crisis, ideology, antagonism, beautiful soul, classes, alternatives


In this text, a base of a model is presented which may be used to elucidate specific forms of relations between ideology and migrations in a context of a crisis. Beginning with a closer determining of migrations, crisis and ideology, searching for an immanent connection of these three concepts, limitations of a procedure of classification is considered, which would enable understanding the relation between these phenomena, especially in connection with dangers in the basis of crisis processes, as well as the limitations of an ethical approach to this set of issues. In the context of examining the concrete connection of ideology and the dangers generated by crisis, a figure of “cynical beautiful soul” is presented, and the ties between ideological and non/ideological domains of a crisis are considered. In conclusion, a critique of alternatives to the actual answers to the crisis is offered.


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