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security, extreme, terrorism, jihad, islam


After increasingly frequent Muslims terrorist attacks in the Western targets, what accompany us in recent years, the question flaws in analysis and West defence preparation from this type of war. The reluctance of the West in such a way of fight cost a lot. Obviously, in addition to many other security vulnerabilities and failed in current analitics of Islam, interpretation of the Koran, the consequences of actions dialed the jihad as a result of the prediction of asylum crises which identity, structural, social, political, religious and security seriously shaken the European continent. But also the whole world. How the West was not the first time faced with terror, it remains unacceptable that evolves terrorist thoughts and deeds ratio and practices of the security services of the Western world not rise at the same pace with the moment of the most eccentric and logically for the safety of the world's most fatal mission. A review of terrorist action since the hostage crisis at the Munich Olympics in 1972, until the daily news in the media impact of terrorism totally is consistent with himself won the adjective extreme because it seems that there is no control over it, and brutality, speed of transfer of terror through the media and all the horrors of events impossible to be reduced to a zone or options. This practice gives the impression of powerlessness that it be confronted.


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