• Mirjana Ž. Kovačević Висока школа за комуникације Београд
  • Olga M. Damjanović Факултет за безбедност Сремска Каменица


culture, creative industries, strategies for cultural development.


Given the importance of the culture and creative industries (CCI) sector in the frameworks of the strategic documents of the EU development, as well as their contribution to the overall development of the society and the increase of economic potentials, any activity in the direction of analysis of the local relevant documents, as well as their comparison and evaluation, is absolutely justified and preferable in order to encourage improvements. The paper also analyzes the strategies for the development of culture and creative industries of more or less developed European countries, regions and cities selected by a random sample. Our intention is to consult relevant foreign strategic document baselines, the proposed objectives and solutions, find out what are the common characteristics of these development plans and project desired achievements, which could serve as a potential material for the implementation in the strategies, plans and further development of culture and creativity practices for our city, region and state.


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