• Zoran S. Grbić Факултет за безбједност и заштиту Баља Лука


Quran, Hadith, Jihad, Islamic radicalization, Islamisation of radicalism, Jihadism, Wahhabism, Migrations, Threats to Security


Two main and most important textual sources in Islam - Quran and Hadith, are the subject to numerous interpretations and misunderstandings regarding the treatment of the Islamic religious institute - Jihad. This paper presents a brief theoretical overview of these sources and deals with the analysis of some Quran surahs, as well as that of Hadith, where this controversial term is being discussed. In addition, the paper attempts to answer the question: What is the relation between the above mentioned sources and today's theory and practice of numerous creators of Islamic (Jihadist) phenomena in the world? In other words: To what extent and in what way can they influence the aggravation of relations and provoke conflicts among members of various confessions, primarily in our country, and in the wider area of the Western Balkans?

In this context, the special attention is given to the explication of terms “Islamic radicalization” and “Jihadism” and “Islamisation of radicalism” and similar terminological determinations of various deviant phenomena in Islam. In the end, it is pointed out to the real sources of threat to the security and stability of the Republic of Serbia, such as Wahhabism and uncontrolled migrations from the crisis areas in the Middle East.


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