• Dragan Simeunović Факултет политичких наука Београд


Christianity, Islam, Europe, De-Christianization, Culture of death, Conflict


The paper considers the characteristics оf Christianity and Islam as religions which are long-term present in Europe. It analyzes the process of massive shift towards atheism in authentic Europeans, its scope, causes and perspectives. The increase in indifference of traditional Christians in Europe towards religion and complete turn to material values in order to create „Heavens on Earth” is observed. The paper determines circumstances and factors that could lead to predominance of Islam over Christianity in Europe. Differences in the cultures of death are considered as an important potential of conflict between Christianity and Islam. Author deems that extinction of autochthonous Europeans, on one hand, and on the other hand, because of the devotion of believers to Islam, increase in their numbers by both natural multiplication of existing Muslims on European soil and migration flows, and, in the least of all, by conversion of traditional Christians, Muslim believers will become the most numerous religious population in Europe within, at most, two centuries. This group will, at the same time, be also be the largest part of the European population, and legally cease political power in most of the European countries. It will then be able to cause not only internal conflicts, but also large-scale international armed conflict with, in the future still Christian, USA.


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