Тhe Concept and Development of Internal Authority


  • Boris Kordić Faculty of Security Studies, Belgrade, Serbia




internal authority, external authority, true self, obedience, respect


The problems of relations of authority and power, authority and violence, authority and security in today’s world point to the need to continually write about and discuss the authority. The paper proceeds from the ontological understanding of authority as a voluntary activity that is done because the actor believes the other person will watch their activity with approval. After that the results of research on the relationship of authority and obedience are problematized, and the question is raised about reasons for rejecting obedience. The difference of internal and external authorities is introduced and then analysed the emergence and development of the internal authority according to psychoanalytic theories. It turns out that the internal authority is attached to the inner true being of man and is based on caring for other people. Development of internal authority can set us free of coercion of outside authorities and help in coping and fight against human destructiveness.


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