On Importance of Judicial and Inspection Bodies in Formation of the State Security Function


  • Radoslav Gaćinović Institute for Political Studies, Belgrade, Serbia




security, capacity, state, court, prosecution, inspections


In this paper author underlined the importance of judicial and inspection bodies in formation of the capacity of security of modern state. It is known that the judiciary bodies have a very important role in protection of the constitutionality and legality of the state, because successful functioning of judicial system significantly contributes to formation of the capacity of security. It is very important that within the process of their own functioning the judicial authorities cooperate with the state security system. In certain situations functioning of the judicial system must be coordinated with the functioning of the security system, because neither the court nor the prosecutor’s office can solve the problems without the facts that they may find only in cooperation with the modern state security bodies. Such cooperation is necessary also in case of prevention function, because the judiciary bodies of the modern states also have a preventive role. In addition, the inspection services also significantly contribute to raising of the security system to a higher level by supervision of proper implementation and compliance to the law by citizens, working organizations and other kind of organizations. This supervision is exercised through inspections which function on all levels and have general and special authority powers.


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