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(1) Britons, (2) Henry VIII, (3) British Industrial Revolution, (4) British Commons, (5) Folkand Islands, (6) European Union


The process of leaving the European Union, Britain has surprised the world, especially Europe. This is by now the only example of a member state leaving this organization. However, in some earlier times, the British also knew that their decisions indicated the contours of their own identity. In this article the author tries to mark these contours on the following events: first, by analyzing the ethnic structure of the British, then by the decision of Henry VIII Tjudor to reform the English Church, he turns his back to the Vatican and creates his own English Church. Through the centuries, it has become an essential element of British identity. The author also analyzes the British Industrial Revolution, which, through the innovations of British scientists and the courage of British society to apply these innovations, made a significant economic difference to the then world. The analysis also speaks of the British Commons, which marks one of the features of British diplomacy, and that is, regardless of the fact that the colonial system has largely disappeared, however, the former colonies, but also those who were not, are associated with London. Through the analysis of the war for Folkland/Malvinas, the author tries to show that the imperial spirit of London is still not a thing of the past. Finally, leaving the European Union, for the author, can represent at last two questions. First, did London show that it is more specific to Washington than to Brussels ? And second, do the British no longer want to be behind the Germans in this organization ?

From the ethnic structure, through the decisions of its rulers, the innovations of its scientists, the British Commons, the war for the Falkland, the process of leaving the European Union, the United Kingdom seems to have its own chessboard, on which, regardless of its alliances, sometimes, however, some moves.


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