• Predrag Pavlićević Академија за националну безбедност Београд


risk assessment, risk management, risk perception, objective risk, subjective risk


The aim of the paper is to examine the interdependence of the concept of risk and risk analysis as a scientific method and research procedure. The stated aim of the work have involved 1.) designation of the key research paradigms of risk and risk analysis, 2.) deliberation of the content and scope of the sintagma risk analysis, including consideration of the functions and range of risk analysis as a scientific method, 3.) identification of the key dimensions, process elements, characteristics and the modality of risk analysis – including considerations about risk as an indication of negative consequences. In conclusion, the interdependence of risk concepts and risk analysis was confirmed, and particular emphasis was placed on certain ascertainments of the theoreticians that are the basis for a standpoint, supported by the author of this article, that the strict acceptance of a particular school of risk or the theoretical risk analysis model is not productive. In other words, the choice of the concept and model of the analysis of the specific risk – due to its objective nature – can not be a priori, that is, the choice of an adequate concept and model of risk (analysis) depends on the object and purpose of the analysis, depends on the context in which the analysis is carried out, therewith choice is determined with interests of stakeholders.


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