Semantic Definition and Modern Use of the Term Policy


  • Nenad Spasojević Institute for Political Studies, Belgrade, Serbia



semantic definition, politics, policy, public policies, public administration


Centuries ago, the term politics has been relevant, but it has also been practiced by a very large number of people. Its relevance has not ceased even today, but on the contrary has only increased, which results in the permeation of this term through a large number of areas. However, the word politics as a term is not of universal meaning as many in the Serbian language often misperceive it. Considering the semantic definition of the term policy, we come to several terms that define this term more broadly depending on the context in which it is used. One of the three terms that is increasingly used in the world, and helps with the mentioned definition, is policy. This term has become increasingly used in the last few decades, giving the original term politics a broader meaning. The term policy would be translated in Serbian as politics, ie more often as public policies and is very often associated with public service and administration. For this reason, this paper aims to clarify not only the meaning of the term policy, but also to present its contemporary development and use. Also, the analysis should determine where this term finds its application, as well as what has contributed throughout history to make it more used in recent decades.


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