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  • Boro Merdović Министарство унутрашњих послова Републике Србије ПУ Београд


mass shooting, personality profile, firearms, prevention


What is it that caused one person to put firearms in their hands and suddenly take away life and earlier a large number of people from their surroundings? What are the motives of this behavior of individuals and how to explain this phenomenon? A series of questions posed to the scientific and professional public with the aim to warn and prevent such behavior. An unclear definition of the criminal act itself, under the new implications and how to classify confusion, and in the manner and extent that should be presumed to minimize the consequences. These are just some of the issues and dilemmas that we will experience to distinguish and clarify in this paper. The unpredictability of the place and moment, as well as the criminal act itself, makes this phenomenon the most intriguing or most intrusive for psychologists, criminologists and sociologists, most often in the United States. The media spectacle that sent these events has contributed to the fact that such criminal acts, taking imitations and identification, are increasingly occurring in other parts of the world.


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