• Đorđe Stojanović Институт за политичке студије Београд


postmodernism, postmodern culture, visual culture, pseudo-event, hypereality, simulacrum, pastiche, intertextuality


This paper starts from the assumption that postmodernism as a cultural paradigm is being replaced by a post-postmodern counterpart. At the same time, the initial postulate of this transformation is not the negation of postmodernism and regression on the paradigm of, say, critical realism, but the integration of postmodernism into a new metanarrative of post-postmodernist media culture and visual media culture. Along this line, the paper critically examines the author 's selected postmodernist concepts that are believed to represent the most important attributes incorporated into the new cultural context: rhizome matrix/assemblage of visual communication theorizing, graphic revolution, pseudo-events, spectacle, hyperreality, simulacra, pastiche and intertextuality. The paper concludes with the idea that postmodern cultures are primarily manifested through the technological definition of the individual through a virtual/cyberspace environment that is primarily visually expressed/constructed.


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