• Srđan Lj. Šljukić Филозофски факултет Нови Сад
  • Marica N. Šljukić Филозофски факултет Нови Сад


joint works, peasantry, potes regime, social capital, traditional village


Sreten Vukosavljević was not a sociologist by education, but a teacher. Accordingly, in his texts he mostly did not use the sociological terms. Regardless this fact, in his papers it is possible to find lots of important sociological ideas and notions, which he anticipated, but without stressing and designation. Here we talk about his definition of peasantry, as well as about the notion of social capital, which is usually connected with Pierre Bourdieu and Robert Putnam. We show that Sreten Vukosavljević understood the role and the importance of social capital in traditional villages. Permanent scarcity of economic capital and fixed amount of cultural capital maximally increased the importance of social capital, which could be seen in potes regime and joint works.


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