The Marxization оf Postmodernism: Early Works оf Jean Baudrillard


  • Djordje Stojanović Institute for Political Studies, Belgrade



postmodernism, Marxism, Jean Baudrillard, consumer society, system of objects, sign-value, capitalist society


This paper starts from the assumption that Jean Baudrillard represents one of the most significant post-poststructuralist/post-postmodernist thinkers. It deals with his early works: the characteristics of the system of objects structured into a "consumer society" and with the reformulation of Marxism on the basis of semiological theories of sign. The paper concludes that capitalism establishes social domination by imposing a system of sign values where the individual is assimilated by the consumer society and subordinated to its domination through acts of consumption. Ergo, consumption is an algorithm for the commodification of social homogenization and hegemony.


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