Prevention оf Plagiarism Through Education


  • Gordana Rudić Faculty of Education in Sombor
  • Jelisaveta Jovanović Master of Аrts in Library and Information Science



plagiarism, plagiarism prevention, academic writing, education


Plagiarism is non-academic behavior and a gross violation of academic integrity. Students, as members of the academic community, should respect the principles of academic conduct. They should not engage in plagiarism, but condemn it. However, plagiarism is present, so it is necessary to consider the causes of this phenomenon in order to prevent it. This paper presents the results of a research, whose goal was to determine the degree of knowledge, the need for education and the way of educating students about plagiarism and the rules of academic writing. In order to understand the problem of plagiarism and to prevent it, surveys of both students and teachers’ opinions were conducted. The research showed that students are partially familiar with the concept and types of plagiarism and academic writing, and that there is a need for them to gain more knowledge or expand their knowledge on these topics. Two models of student education were proposed: through a specific subject of academic writing or organizing various seminars, workshops, courses, or similar.


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