• Aleksandar Gajić Институт за европске студије Београд


film, science fiction, world crisis, Metropolis, social critique, conservative revolution, ethnic, worker, eschatology


Cultural life during turbulent existence of Veimar Republic was very rich and fruitfull in its attempts to form a valid response to Great Depresion during interwar epoch. Real explosion of first-class exertions has taken place on all creative fields, divided and confronted between themselves about the true ways of overcoming „crisis of modernity” sougth as „demise of liberalism”. Among them, expecially controversial was group of „conservative revolutionaries” with ideas of „third way” (between Anglo-saxon liberalism and Soviet communism) as „one special creation, originated as mélange of different elements and traditions gathered in specified moment and context, more like a way of protest, an artistic and scientific expression with political ambitions” (Djurkovic). This paper, by observing content, direct and indirect messages, film reception and its discursive readings, analyses „Metropolis”, director Fritz Langs classic movie - founder of sci-fi genre, all in context of creative response on world crisis which was close to ideas of conservative revolutionaries. By observing relations of meanings and significance of Langs movie-masterpiece, differentietating and interpetating its cultural references between social critique, technology and eschatology, authors points at relevancy of some conservative revolutionary messages which movie propagandizes in context of contemporary, new world economic crisis at the beginning of 21. century.


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