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  • Stanko Ljubičić Интернационална полицијска асоцијација Секција Србија Регија Нови Сад


corporate espionage, competitiveness, crime, norms, knowledge, information


Questions and issues related to corporate espionage is largely occurring in newspaper articles, while scientific and professional community in the Republic of Serbia is very shy handles this subject. Bearing in mind the above mentioned, aim is to show the broad widespread phenomenon of corporate espionage, as well as some of its basic aspect of modern business. Corporate espionage is the most efficient and destructive mean of economic warfare in which it is contained by its criminal aspect. Although the history of corporate espionage is very long, it is now particularly important because of the imposed requirements by constant innovation and development of knowledge, because to remain "in game" operating system must constantly innovate and to invest in equipment and technology, and how it is very expensive, there is a gap between the desire for profit and opportunities for its creation. Desire or greed leads to stepping unethical and illegal business activities that the system can cost significant resources or market share. From the normative aspect of problem solving, it can be said that in the Republic of Serbia corporate espionage does not have great significance, legislative solutions do not provide minimum requirements for successful opposition to this phenomenon, which in practice of developed market countries is not the case.


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