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globalization , money laundering, a universal society , organized crime


Globalization mean a process that aims to create a universal society through synchronized political, economic and military activities of a number of political, military and economic subjects. Globalization is a process that seems to be inevitable and that in some way represents a confirmation of the progress of civilization, which is reflected in the different scientific and technological achievements. As the most dominant feature of globalization is that we can point out more closer connection and interdependence of countries that is manifested in the ever-expanding circle of economic activities which become transnational, and which can no longer be managed within the borders of one state. Also, we face with the integration of markets, nations and technologies, in so far unseen proportions, which allows individuals, corporations, money and capital unobstructed and accelerated flow across the world. All of this further increased money laundering. Тhe modalities of money laundering are diverse and from day to day change and further improve thanks to the influence of globalization and constant scientific and technological progress. Therefore, the main subject of this paper is is the impact of globalization on money laundering and the problem of preventing money laundering in the era of globalization. In this paper, the author attempts to analyze how globalization and especially the globalization of the world economy affects the phenomenon of money laundering.


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