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  • Mladen Ćeranić Нови Сад


security, human security, human needs, threats to human security


Looking at the concept of security through the history, security at the beginning was only observed through the prism of national security, primarily in terms of absence of military threats or external threats to the security of one state. Lately, however, this view is significantly different, primarily because international relations are very much changed and then because of the emergence of modern, non-military forms of threats to security, which take global character and question the existence and survival of not only the state, but also individuals, and even the whole of humanity. For this reason, in recent years, when it comes to safety, rather than the state as a central facility of security and its values, special attention is paid to individuals, to human security. Accordingly, in this paper, the authors will initially analyze the contemporary concept of security and human security, while the special review will be on contemporary threats to human security also as safety and security as human need.


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