• Predrag Pavlićević Академија за националну безбедност Београд
  • Radoslav Bubanj Факултет спорта и физичког васпитања Ниш


security management, sport, security risks, security treat, terrorism, counterterrorism (antiterrorism)


The article addresses sport mega events and terrorism, and related aspects of counterterroristic policies, strategies and measures. The article aims to suggest some important elements for the establishment of theoretical framework of security management in sports based on the analysis of the issues marked in the paper. Sport mega events stand out due to their scope and a complexity of measures caused by the security risks of their conduct, including the threat of terrorism, especially because of consequences that may be a result of an effective terorist attack. These issues are treated due to their phenomenological (and theoretical) multiplicy in order to show the complexity of the issue of security management in sport through the cosideration of their interrelation. The articles concludes that this security management discipline, while preserving its own theoretical perspective in this issue, must consider a broader cotext, respect diverse theoretical approaches, and therefore ensure an open, encompassing theoretical perspective.


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